Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nearly there!

Seven days till our due date :D

*Super cute strawberry hat made by Abby at Small Craft Alert, especially for our kidlet.*

We still are yet to move our desks out of the study to clear space for the little lady room but we have everything else covered (we think!). She has a snuggly bed and a good change table - lent to us by some super lovely friends - way too many clothes, nappies ready to go and a bunch of other fun little things.

*I'm totally not into frilly, overly girly things for our kidlet but this is her bed and it looks pretty stinkin' cute. The crochet bunting is from Candy Stripe Cloud and was made by their mum.* The drawing above was done by Chris ten years ago for his Masters show. He's doing the Monday political cartoon for The Mercury newspaper now!

Her bed and change table have wheels so we figure we can just wheel both into our room for the first few weeks while we slowly get her room set up properly. I see no sense in getting stressed about having everything perfect before she arrives. We'll just take each day as it comes. Fingers crossed she decides to come soon (39 weeks today!) as I don't really fancy being induced. But if that has to happen then so be it. We have no idea what to expect from our birth experience so we are trying to stay calm and see how things go. As long as everyone is happy and healthy at the end of it all, we'll be content :) Trying to be in complete control of everything takes up too much energy, especially in this situation where you are lucky if everything goes your way. So, here's to having a baby!


*My ace little family, July 2011.*