Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tooth ache sewing class

So, having a wisdom tooth out equals lots of lovely time off work. I got my little fingers busy and made some stuff last week. First up is Kelvin the Abominable Reinman. He's a reindeer snowman hybrid and he's gonna count all your matches and only fly Qantas. Thanks to Chris for the name of Kelvin :)

Second is a window hang I made to give us some privacy from our neighbour's bathroom window. It's mostly cut from felt and spotty ribbons. Light can still get in through the pale calico so it does its job perfectly.

Peekaboo, it's a kitty!


  1. Gorgeous B, I love them. Sometimes I wish I had (and could use) a sewing machine!

    Love the Tara Mc influence <3

  2. The Evil Toothfairy always brings unexpected things to life. :)

  3. Well, I will try once more to tell you I love your blog and are you ever getting clever with your sewing projects. Love you,

  4. Jac - I'm slowly making friends with the sewing machine after the terrible wall hanging that I attempted to make in high school. I still prefer hand sewing to the machine tho.
    PB - The Evil Toothfairy did well :)


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