Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage toys!

On a recent trip to the parental digs, I salvaged some toys I had as a kid. These are kickin' it old skool baby! Check out my super cool original Punky Brewster doll. Oh Punky, how I loved thee. This doll creeps Chris out (too real-looking apparently) so I have to be careful with placement around the house ;) Next to her is an 80s plush My Little Pony. Bow Tie to be exact. She's held up well after 26 years (dang it, I'm OLD!).

Bedtime Bear of the Care Bears. He's from at least 1984, I think. I got him as a reward for good marks at school one year and used to push him round in a pram. Care Bears were my life back then. My sweet pop painted me a gorgeous mural on my bedroom wall, complete with little chairs sticking out of painted clouds for my toy Care Bears to sit on.

And here's his tiny tongue. What was with this phenomena? This tongue has been omitted from the new Care Bears on the market now. Why? I mean, what bear doesn't walk around with a cute pink tongue sticking out 24/7?

I was taking photos so of course, the kitty cat HAD to be in one.

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