Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookies and treats

Baking, baking, sewing, sewing. In what little time I've had at home lately, this is what I've been doing!

SNICKERDOODLES!!! IN A KITTEN TIN!!! Lightly crunchy with a coating of ground cinnamon and sugar. Nothing to do with Snickers bars but everything to do with total yumminess.

Green Apple door knob charm. Made for the next Odd & Even Market (in the Long Gallery Feb 13th). Chris and I will both be there, come see us! There will be free musk sticks at our table :)

When I ordered the Vital Organs transfer kit from Sublime Stitching, I knew I had to embroider the ovaries on my knickers. It makes me laugh!


A bookmark I made for an art/craft exchange. Front.



  1. I'm on my way over directly for snickerdoodles. Will bring coffee and we can sit and chat for an hour........sighhhhhhhh. love you, talented sis.

  2. My goodness. Snickerdoodles not only have the coolest cookie name in the world but they are also super yummy! Bring some of that Buttercream coffee stuff :) Hitch a ride with B & T. Love you heaps, B x


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