Sunday, February 14, 2010

Market Day!

Yesterday we attended the Odd + Even Maker's Market and it turned out to be a lovely day for all. We were a bit nervous to begin with but once we settled in, we met some really nifty people. It was Chris's second time at the market and my first. We sold a good amount of stock but the best thing about it was watching the reactions of visitors to our stall. I had lots of kids commenting on my stuff (which I loved as kids can be harsh critics!) and pretty much all of my things got fondled and caressed at some point! The Zombie Cupcake stickers did well, as did the Babushkas and fabric bookmarks. As much as I love Etsy, getting out there in the market circuit gives you such a great experience. You get to see how people respond and which items immediately command attention. If you make stuff too, take the plunge and do it!



My stuff. To keep things ordered, I used doll beds that my grandfather made for me as kid.

A Pug!!


  1. I love the bookmarks, especially! Are they on etsy? I would love to place an order for the strawberry one! I would walk up to that stall, take one look at the cute blondie and buy a few, just because I would think: "Aw, we could be friends" :)
    Love you!!!

  2. Thanks dollface! That's a really sweet message :) I think I still have the strawberry marker. I'm planning on putting all the stuff I've got left on Etsy, possibly today if I can get my act together! It's snowing again over there? Keep WARM and hug little Ethan for us.
    Love, love, love.


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