Monday, May 10, 2010

Pretty walls

Working at a framing shop definitely has its perks! We've managed to get our sticky paws on some really cool stuff in our travels and have had fun picking out frames for our walls. The only bad thing is that we are running out of hook space in our little apartment! We totally need a room just for storage now :) Check these out!

This is the lovely Marie Antoinette by Grace Garton (aka Little Black Crow. She also makes these). The texture on this is fabulous, lots of paints, found objects and wax. Marie Antoinette is an awesome lady and I adore the playfulness of Grace's painting.

Part of the reason why I bought this work was to remind me of how much I want to visit Versailles one day.

Chris used the proceeds of selling comics at Pocketspace (now sadly closed) to buy Ben Stephenson's Macquarie Street. What makes this image so awesome is that every little detail in it has been painstakingly digitally recreated from an actual photograph. Right down to the leaves on the trees. This is a street right here in Hobart CBD (about one block away from where I work). SUPER job Ben!

This is the gorgeous Mary Mcdonnell. Chris recently met her at Supernova in Melbourne and was able to get this signed photo. We got it for the geek factor of her role in Battlestar Gallactica. President Roslin you rock. Mmmmmm...BSG.


  1. I love, love your Marie Antionette! All that mixed media is fabulous. Lucky you to have her!
    The digital print of Macquarie Street is amazing. x

  2. Wow you bought one Ben's print...He's a good mate of mine. We worked together at an animation studio.
    Very cool indeed having Mary McDonnell's autograph!

  3. Yep! Grace and Ben, you are the coolest :D

  4. How much did you pay fot the Maria Antoinette paint? is Amazing!!


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