Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tenth Anniversary of Arts Writing

I've been in the arts writing game for ten years now. It's never been something I talk about much as I'd rather keep my head down, tail up with work. But I've found that lately, when going to meetings and lunches etc with Chris and his comics, people wonder if I have any interest in writing (as my favourite thing to talk about these days is craft). Indeed, I do! Reviews, artist profiles and feature stories have had my sticky paws all over them. If you feel like it, you can check out a few online via these links -

The Dark Woods (exhibition of Australian comics) Review in RealTime
Infinite Empire Review (exhibition on Steampunk) in RealTime
Cool artist Matt Calvert's website
Design Island Profile for Craft Australia

My favourite magazines to write for have been Object, Eyeline, RealTime, Artlink and DQ. Eyeline gave me my first writing gig so I will always love them for that :)

Part of my collection of published stuff (complete with mascots). At last count there were 98 magazines and catalogues. Aw yeah.

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