Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Click click!

Hurray! It's time for the RSPCA's Cupcake Day again! The RSPCA are an awesome charity devoted to looking after the well being of animals all around the world. They work tirelessly to make sure our furry friends are treated nicely. We love them for that. They gave us our lovely kitty cat Pucca too!

So, normally you make lots of yummy cupcakes and sell them to your friends and workmates on Cupcake Day (August 16th this year). This will still be happening BUT they have now added online fund raising pages for all the participants! YAY! This is a super way to donate if you live far away and still want to support my efforts in Cupcake Day.


All donations over $2 (made online) are Tax Deductible.

Some of my 2009 cupcakes. Nom nom nom.

In other cupcake news, I just received word that my Zombie Cupcake brooch is all sewn up and nearly ready to sell. The lovely Candy Bandit stitched up my design (along with LOTS of other cool designs from Australian makers) as part of the heartFELT project. All proceeds will be going to the charity of the designer's choice. Double Complete Rainbow Happiness!

My prettied up page all set and ready to go on Leeloo (an ace online shop for crafty kids).


  1. What a wonderful cause Briony, (I got my oldest kitty from our local animal aid (the other two are strays we've taken in)) and what a great and fun way to raise funds for them. Hope you have a good result.

  2. Have just noticed that you've featured my bluebird in your other etsy love! I'm honoured and so appreciate that. Thank you heaps Briony. x


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