Sunday, May 22, 2011

No mistake

30 weeks prego. Make no mistake, there's something in my tummy. Starting to get a bit nervous now!

Bear suit for the kidlet. Too stinkin' cute.



  1. Yep . . . there's a baby in there alright!
    What a sweet little bear suit, we loved the warm one we had for Marty, it was so handy to throw other whatever he was wearing and it had enclosed feet and hands which was perfect on chilly days.
    Plus ears are always sweet on hoods!
    Can't wait to see you soon,
    us three

  2. Love the suit!!! She will be presh in it. xoox CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! Eek!

  3. Oh yes, very cute! so too is the bunting and squirrel you've stitched! Haven't been around much lately and missed all the progress with your tummy. Yep definitely looking for all the world like there is something in there!!! lol. I'm wishing so much of the very best for you. :) x

  4. Don't be nervous! Here is the birth post for you...

    The bear suit? Oh my god, sooo cute!

    Kimberley :)

  5. You are so very, very nice! Thank you for leaving such an encouraging and supportive comment and I agree, people (ok ladies) can be terribly judgemental and competitive about the whole giving birth thing. I don't mind how anyone gives birth and the choices they make, as long as they and their babies are healthy at the end of it! That is how it should be, isn't it? It's hard enough to parent as is!

    But for YOU, I wish you also the best of luck, comfort and lack of any kind of heartburn over the last few weeks. Here's hoping for a quick and super easy labour for you! :-)



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