Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lady cakes

5 weeks to 4 and a half months old! I am slowly getting back into sewing :) And by slowly I mean stitch by stitch. All going well otherwise. Fingers crossed for sleeping through the night soon!


  1. She's a sweetie! Sleeping through the night - ahh I remember how a 4 hour stretch made me feel euphoric. You'll make it out of the sleep deprived fog sometime soon - we all survive it and take the best moments of that time as memories for later on.

  2. She's a real sweetie Briony! Looks so bright.
    and look at dad multi-tasking! :)

  3. p.s. sorry, forgot to thank you for popping by to see my Christmas pretties! Wishing you all the best of Christmases. x

  4. Oh she's so gorgeous & yay for first Christmases, love Posie


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