Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A different road...

There aren't many things to read about parenting that don't sugar coat everything. I read this article by new mum Jewel yesterday and it brought me a lot of relief. It is honest and it is real. It mirrors a lot of how I feel about parenting. We live in a society where it is rare for parents to not portray themselves as perfect, there is little room for admitting mistakes or keeping it real. In my short 15 months as a parent, I have felt judged at times for simply listening to my kid and not following what is expected. Everyone has their opinion that they believe is correct. I know that my journey as a mum is a daily lesson. Every day I am learning. I desire in no way to suggest I am perfect, that I have it down pat. I do know what I have chosen to do for my kid may not be what another parent chooses. I recognise we all muddle through this the best we can. I am still learning to let go of expectations and to just enjoy the ride. To live in the moment more. To know that I will figure it out, even if I make some mistakes here and there. Here's to not being perfect! x

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  1. I'll definitely drink to that one! I think sometimes that all we CAN do is muddle through the best way we know how with the knowledge and tools we have, in most aspects of life. As long as it's done with all good intention then I'm sure you(we) will make it through in the end. :) I figure every child is very different to the next and will need and want many different ways to bring them up. If we've never done it before, we can only learn by doing. and isn't it the nature of the beast for a human, to learn by their mistakes? Sounds to me like you're doing it in a really good way.
    Thanks heaps for popping by my blog with your lovely comment. It's always a joy to hear that I've inspired someone! Thank you so much for that. ♥


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