Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Princess Pucca

Since Pucca features so much in Chris's blog, here are some pics of good ol' kitty lovin' (taken on Christmas morning 2008).

Full Name: Seraphina Puccaliet (yep, seriously)
Age: 2
Found: by the RSPCA under a house
Adopted by fellow krazy kats Chris and Briony: 2007
Favourite food: Raw chicken
Favourite toy: Little red ball
Secret power: Human manipulation


  1. Laughs!

    Cat lovers can't resist making full CVs of our cats. And long royal names, of course.

    Tiggy had a bigger resume than us.

    Nikki's another story: she's writing the Big Mexican Novel at night-- called "Why I hate Mankind". I can't stand the bell of her typewriter.

  2. HA! The title of Nikki's book made me laugh :) So true, so very true.


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