Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gifts & Commissions

It's been pretty busy here of late, with Christmas coming up next week and a couple of orders for Christmas decorations coming my way. I've sold some at Pocketspace and made my first sale on Etsy as well! I am super happy. A day of sewing new things is planned for today and I'm itching to get started. Before I do that, here are some things I've been working on.

A decoration for some friends in Texas. Their little baby boy dressed up as a chili for Halloween and it was an event that needed to be immortalized in felt. It was my Christms pressie to him :) I'm really pleased with this design and am thinking about making some plain chili decorations to put up on Etsy.

These are a series of decorations I got to do for the husband of a work pal. He is working to complete his psychiatric training and wanted something kinda tongue in cheek. Don't keep looking if you get easily offended. I'm proud of my lettering here even if it does need some practice!

On the back:

And for all my efforts (:D) I treated myself to this little toy from Little Black Crow. I love her toys immensely and am so very happy with this bunny. He is specially made to look worn and extra loved. This is achieved through coffee and tea staining the fabrics. She does a fab job and I am so impressed with how much care has gone into creating these toys. This photo is taken from her Etsy store (I love the way she photographs her toys) and is credited to Little Black Crow. Check out her stuff. It's lovely!

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  1. Marty loves his little chili, I've seen him grinning at it when I hold him up to look at the tree. A handmade gift is extra special, thank you!


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