Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pucca Love

Our kitty cat Pucca is loved on A LOT. We think she's the best kitty ever. She even gets her own mail and has her own personalised Christmas decoration.
For two years straight it's been Pucca who has received the first Christmas card of the season. I love it! Thanks to Pucca's home away from home, the lovely Catnip. Love! xoxoxoxox

Even though she spends most of her time lounging on the bed, couch, chair, etc, she totally deserves her own Christmas decoration :) Made by me for 2009.

Her name embroidered on the back (the "a" doesn't come out too well on this pic) along with her little red ball - a favourite toy we would be lost without.

Me attempting to pack my Softies for Mirabel donation and not getting too far. Pucca would not let me put the toy in bubble wrap. She kept diving under it and hiding. You can just make her out under there. Chris says she looks like a wrapped sausage.

Meeeow! Bubble wrap!!!

All tuckered out and looking like a Christmas pudding.

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