Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Work in Progress!

New Babushkas. These ladies are tiny and super cute. They will be smelling sweet too :)

Softies for Mirabel donations! I can't take credit for the design of this kitty. I found the free pattern online and now can't remember where I found it (naughty me!). Will post a link when I come across it. The fabric I used is a lovely linen cotton blend with Snow White images printed across it. It's one of my favourites. I'm thinking of some kind of nice dolly for the next softie.

New Christmas decorations! I've tried making these more "all season" so I can still reuse them for the rest of the year. These will be for sale in my madeit.com and Etsy shops very soon.

Tea Lovers

Bird and Bunny (I'll be embroidering little feet on the bird and a face on the bunny)

Squirrel and Randy the Red Nose Octopus

Zombie Cupcake Plush Raaaaarrrrrhhhh! BRAINS!!! (or in this case maybe he should say ICING!!)

Because everyone should always be a little PUNK ROCK!

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