Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent handmades

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back to sewing again! Here's my latest.

Bettina the Snow Bunny.

Doorknob charm with Deer head. I'm in the process of making some cheery Christmas decorations with animal heads like this on circles of cream felt. Chris says they look like gingerbread so that's a good start! I'll post pics once I have a set of three (Deer, Squirrel, Bunny).

And while I'm here, all crafty people should think about donating a handmade softie to Softies for Mirabel - a lovely event organised by Meet Me at Mikes. Check it out and make something huggable for a child in need!

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  1. fabulous, Briony - that's great that you are staying in touch with those guys.
    I had a bit of contact with Ianto actually, over the years, through some mutual music exploits. he really is a top-class drummer.
    keep in touch - my work email address is

    take care,
    Vince xo


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