Monday, October 19, 2009

Sydney October 2009

Ahoy there! Feast on these hand-picked favourite pics from our recent trip to Sydney! We headed up north primarily to attend the Young Writers Festival in Newcastle but decided to base ourselves out of Sydney for a few days first. Last time we visited Sydney (mainly for business, I had to work) it was an awful trip so we wanted to right those wrongs! I discovered that Taronga Park Zoo had Red Pandas so one of the best things we did was visit them :D We cruised the Harbour first and then caught a cable car up to the top of the zoo. We saw lots of other animals at Taronga but these are a few of the highlights from the city and the zoo. (Esty, we MUST take you guys to Sydney when you come down).

Rockin' the Opera House.


Most people don't realise how close the bridge and the Opera House actually are.

The road to fabulous pancakes in The Rocks. Bridge at the end of the street.

On the zoo cable car. Sydney Harbour in the background. Note appropriate t-shirts, worn especially for the zoo. Nature Love with Squirrels for me and Where the Wild Things Are for Chris. Forgive us, we're a little geeky :P

View from the zoo entrance.

Gorgeous giraffes!

Leopard Seal show. AWESOME. It was so freakin' hard to take this picture! The seal was incredibly fast.


A Fennec Fox. I was super excited to see this little guy. I was obsessed with this animal when I was a kid. They are cool!

Meerkats. So. very. cute. And quite tiny too.



Eeeiiiiieeee!!! RED PANDA!!

Sleepy Wombat in the Nocturnal House.

Stay tuned for Newcastle post!


  1. Sid/Taronga's bits and pieces right in my studio!!
    Thanks, B. Great Post.

    That fennec fox is WICKED. His ears have some operahouse feel.

  2. Ahhh Sydney is such a fun place! Glad you had a good time. I've never seen a red panda, they look lovely, thanks for sharing them


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