Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hurray! My pin cushion for Kate's Swap is DONE and SENT! Fingers crossed my swap partner likes it (and indeed actually gets it in the mail too).

Check out more ace pin cushions here.


  1. I did and I love it!
    Thanks so much for you're lovely pressie, I haven't blogged in a while so it's not up there yet, we've had such a busy family time over the Easter break so I'm quite behind!
    Hope you had a great Easter break too,
    oxo Ruth

    PS How funny that we actually live so close! Did you go to the market at the Masonic hall yesterday? Perhaps we saw each other and didn't even realise!

  2. Oh your little cushion is so sweet! The colours are great, and I love that little birdie on the top. Well done!

    I've tried, not too successfully to make it to the blogs of some of the participants in the swap, to see what was happening with other pincushions, and there are some beautiful ones out there!
    Glad I made it to yours. :)

  3. how awesome!!! Was hoping it was coming to me but I am just as happy that you got it ruth!!! YAH!!!!!!

  4. Oh! What lovely comments! Thanks so much! So very pleased you like your cushion Ruth. May it hold pins for lots of lovely sewing projects :D

  5. Had a look at that site you recommended, Little Black Crow, and you're right I do like her work. She makes gorgeous little critters doesn't she? Thanks for that. :)

  6. gorgeous! I love the birdy on top and it sounds like your partner is pretty pleased too which is fantastic! YAY! Looks like this whole thing might work. Thanks so much for playing and for being such a great swapper.


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