Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stitchy Stitchin'

In the factory are...

Little pieces of hand embroidered fabrics

and just plain cool fabrics

waiting to be turned into these (lavender pillows).

Pin cushion tops. Pink Dinosaur and Skull King.

Dinosaur felt badges.

Zombie Cupcake felt mascot (front). See the sticker version here.

Zombie Cupcake felt mascot (back).

My aim over these next few weeks is to make lots of stuff to take to Spring markets. We'll be in Melbourne while a lot of the Winter markets are going on so I thought I'd use the extra time to build up a really good selection of stuff for September. I haven't had a huge array of stuff at markets yet so I want to have a full table next time. Overflowing. Yes.

Happy weekend! Isn't Autumn lovely?


  1. very cool! Can't wait to see them all as lavender pillows. I especially love the ochre one with the stars and flowers coming out of it. Your felt works are gorgeous as ever. Hope you're keeping well, and happy! xo

  2. Wow, such a lot going on at yours. It all looks lovely and fun.

  3. Howdy Briony! I couldn't find a contact email address for you here..but if you are still interested in my Marie Painting I've just put it up for sale on my blog you can go there and contact me...but be quick there are others interested!


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