Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eastside Makers Market

Today was my day at Eastside Makers Market. It was the first time for that particular market and I had a lovely time. Things slowed down during the afternoon but overall I was really pleased with the day. I even found the perfect red and white polka dot earrings from Silver Nutmeg and a Golden Pear. And if you haven't checked out Hiiragi, you really should.

Lots of sunshine!

Lavender smelling things...

Little quilts

My favourite helper :)

Chris doing fan art for Holly at Hiiragi. Occupational Force, YEAH!

Stuff to keep me busy in between customers. We finally bought ourselves Keep Cups! Yay!


  1. YAh!!! Im so glad you love your earrings- I also have the red & white spots and love them too :) I just adore my little lavender pillow and it has made my house smell so nice!!! Very nice to meet you today!! Courtney xo

  2. Ahhhh, I remember seeing the lavender pillows!!
    Now that I know your work, next time I'll have to introduce myself!
    Ha, I never knew Holly's name, we had so much fun on Sunday!!

  3. Holly is a super cool gal. Back when I was in first year uni she roped me into dressing up in a bubble wrap suit for an art school photo shoot about super hero type characters (Bio Force 9 rings a bell?). I'm so glad you posted those drawings!!

  4. Wow! Chris looks exactly like he draws himself! =D so cool!


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