Friday, March 19, 2010

I Heart Suede

No, I don't mean the material (dead cows, no thanks) but the super awesome UK band. These guys came out in the early nineties with their self titled debut album (you could say they pretty much started Brit pop) and as soon as I heard them my little teenage brain was on fire. I've always wanted a copy of the album on CD as I have a cassette version somewhere but it's been so hard to find (at a decent price anyway). So when Chris's buddy Duncan gave it to me on MP3 I was completely ecstatic. This album definitely rates high in my top ten of all time.

For the last few days I've been totally rocking out to Brett Anderson's kooky British vocals. He is so androgynous and deliciously arrogant. OMG. I love it! It so takes me back to being a teenager - all those rampant hormones and lovelorn angsty feelings.

Do you remember Suede?

How can you not want to mimic that accent? Metal Mickey is my absolute fave.

PS> Duncan - thanks for Rat Cat too!
PPS> And while I'm talking about new music, a shout out to Matt for She & Him Volume 2! Can Zooey ever do anything wrong?!

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