Thursday, March 4, 2010

Look where I popped up!

It's me!! Here! Thanks to Kristina Sostarko (also known as inaluxe) for a lovely little blog write up. Check out her Etsy store for some sweet prints and cards as well. Happy day!

And also today (10.03.2010) my Black Pudding of Death Pin Cushion has been featured on this cute blog! Thanks so much Julia!


  1. You're welcome! The Black Pudding of Death pin cushion rocks my world!! I've been perusing your blog this afternoon and can I just say, you had me at "ovary knickers." Ha! I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader right now.

  2. Hey there! Thanks heaps for joining in with the great pin cushion swaperama! I'm not sure if you've emailed me your postal details, your name and your preferences, but I can't find them. Please email me asap with these important details. Thanks heaps, Kate X

  3. Just sent them through now to your gmail!


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