Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting ready

Things are moving along at a nice pace for us this month. On our last day off together we had a lovely day visiting the Salvos and picking out some super fun DVD sets at a local video store. We got a few episodes of Doctor Who (we've been told we HAVE to watch 'Blink'), That Mitchell and Webb Look Season Two and The Wombles Season One. I was vastly disappointed by The Wombles as while it looks exactly the same as it did when I was a kid, it's actually a new version which has gone all politically correct and fast paced. It's awful. It really is. This version is so much better!

Look at this cow I got at the Salvos! It drools cream when tipped! Bunny cookie cutter is all ready for Easter. French Earl Grey tea introduced to me at sewing afternoons with Cat.

New laptop sticker. Naughty Snow White.

Chris is getting ready to jet off to Melbourne this weekend for Comics Camp (aka Camp Fear Blanket by some) and I've been getting some new sewing projects together for the Eastside Makers Market.

Here's a quilt,

some felt badges,

and Babushkas to fill with lavender.

A lovely friend from work made me this gorgeous bunch of flowers as a congratulatory pressie for some good news I received. They are so beautiful and smell AMAZING!! She did a great job don't you think?

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