Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The month that was...February!

Phew! What a month! February went by in a complete blur for us both. The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous and we had a lovely visit with some family from the USA. Visitors don't happen too often so we probably went a little overboard with wanting to show too many things! That being said, it's been an absolutely fab summer (we even have tans, whoop!). Things have settled down now and it's just the two of us and kitty again. That means we've both had a chance to make things :D

I just finished my Little Red Lap Quilt (now available on Etsy) and a custom order of lavender filled Babushkas for this lovely lass.

Chris made a great little zine for a subscription club that he's part of too! He had to do a zine for the month of February. It's called The Littel Dragun.

There's a change in the air for me this year as well! It's exciting :) I'll post more when it's official.

Oh, and I'll have a stall at the Eastside Makers Market on March 28th. I'm planning on having a couple of mini quilts and some lavender Babushkas. Check out their blog for details and come support local handmade!

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  1. woo-hoo - the babushkas are here, and they are so much lovelier than I could have imagined. They are sensational. Smell soooooo yummy, and they look way cool. Love them! xoxo


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